Preventing Mail Theft

The theft of mail from residential mailboxes and collection boxes is an increasing problem.  It is a means employed by fraudulent con artists to steal checks and other items of value.  This problem can be reduced or minimized if members of the community will adopt the following measures or practices.
  • Remove mail from mailbox as soon as possible after delivery.
  • Never leave mail in mailbox overnight. (The Postal Service will hold mail for you at no charge when you're away.)
  • If you travel frequently, consider the security of renting a post office box.
  • Deposit outgoing mail only in blue Postal Service collection boxes or at your local post office. Do not place outgoing mail (especially checks) in your personal mailbox or in your apartment complex outgoing mail slot. 
  • Do not use the red flag on your mailbox: it flags thieves, too. 
  • Have boxes of checks mailed to your bank branch for pick-up. 
  • Keep track of monthly financial statements. 
  • If you do not receive an expected financial statement, credit card or check, report it promptly to the issuing entity. 
  • Purchase a paper shredder or otherwise destroy any unwanted mail that contains financial or personal identifier information. 
  • Use a gel-type ink to write checks: it is much more difficult to chemically remove. 
  • If your mail is stolen, report it immediately to your nearest Postal Inspection Service office: 

    PO BOX 1276 
    HOUSTON TX 77251-1276
    Phone : 713-238-4400
    Fax : 713-238-4460