Job duties include but are not limited to:

  • Observe and supervise inmates in both Linear and Direct supervision facilities.

  • Perform search of inmates and persons entering the secured jail area

  • Process intake of prisoners, including booking, criminal history checks, fingerprinting, photographing, inventorying personal property, medical screening, personal history documentation, prisoner orientation, classification, and cell assignment

  • Issue clothing and supplies

  • Supervise and document activity within the jail

  • Process the release of inmates

  • Conduct inspections, shakedowns, and inmate searches for contraband items

  • Pull inmates for visitation, recreation, and other activities

  • Transport inmates between various facilities

  • Complete and accurately maintain all necessary documents

  • Enter inmate information into the computer

  • Inspect and maintain safety equipment and alarm systems

  • Assist with distributing medications to inmates

  • Intervene and resolve crisis situations such as fights and medical emergencies

  • Conduct head counts of inmates

  • Serve meals to inmates

  • Supervise work performed by inmates

  • Operate jail control panel and master control panel.