Inmate Mail/Inmate Property

Inmate Mail


Letters and Correspondence:  All letters, with the exception of Legal Mail, will be received electronically on an Inmate Kiosk or Inmate Tablet. All inmate letters will be sent to the address below.  Include Inmate Name and SO #.


Smart Communications/Brazos Co Det Center

(Inmate’s Name & SO #)   

PO Box 9147

Seminole, FL 33775-9147


reading mail only



Legal Mail and Publications will be accepted by the Detention Center at the address below. Include Inmate Name and SO#


                Inmate’s Name & SO#

                1835 Sandy Point Rd

                Bryan, TX 77807

legal mail only


No Letters will be accepted by the Brazos County Detention Center unless they are sent according to the instructions above.


If any mail goes to the wrong address, it will be returned to sender.


Inmate Property

Scheduled Property Release-Inmates at the Brazos County Detention Center can schedule to release property from their secure property.  Upon arrest and during the booking process, inmates can inform a booking officer while in booking that they want to release their property, however the individual receiving the property must be present at the release lobby while the inmate is still in booking for the property release to be conducted.  Scheduled property releases can be conducted for housed inmates as well, but the housed inmate must request to schedule the property release at least 24 hours prior to the release time.  Scheduled property releases can be conducted M-F between 1:00pm & 7:00pm.  If the property recipient does not show up to receive the property on the scheduled date and time, the inmate will have to schedule a  new property release indicating the date and time the property recipient will pick it up.  Property releases do require presentation of a valid state issued ID in order to be processed.


TDCJ Property Release-TDC property releases can be conducted on any day at any time.  TDCJ property releases will be processed when the property recipient presents a signed TDCJ property release letter, mailed to them from the jail, to the release lobby.  Upon presentation of the signed TDCJ property release letter and a valid state issued ID, booking staff will process the property release.


*With the exception of properly labeled prescription medication and necessary medical devices, no property will be accepted for inmates by the Brazos County Detention Center.